Hao's Blog

Software Engineer


I grew up in Sichuan, China. I came to US when I was 17 years ago for my college. My hometown is also the hometown of Panda and it is famous for the spicy foods.

I went to Texas A&M for my college

After that, I went to Cal for my Masters and have stayed in Silican Valley since then.

I am one of the early full stack engineers in Anyperk and it is a B2B platform, built with ruby on rails and react/redux. I worked on multiple projects while I am at Anyperk. Some of the notable ones are RESTFul APIs, brand page redesign, email delivery migration, custom rewards, search using Algolia, and etc.

Also, I was one of the founding team members at Wink (wink.com). I helped to develop the core backend API to support smart devices (1 million devices online) and our mobile applications. Also I built the first version of Customer Service Portal with rails and angular js which was used by more than 300 Customer Representatives.

Lastly, I worked for Marqeta Platform, which provides access to a developer friendly Issuer Processor API for commerce innovators. I built B2C gift card platform using ruby on rails/backbone.js. and payment process platform using node.js/MongoDB.